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About Me.

"Good people. Good ideas. Good stories.

I write to inspire and put a smile on your face."

Photo fo Marlene Byrne sitting outside the duomo in Florence Italy.

grew up in the small town of Brillion, Wisconsin. And like many small towns, the people around me cared deeply about each other. When you grow up in a positive environment, you begin to understand the importance of being a good influence. 


My upbringing was the foundation for my writing. My career in advertising allowed me to write for a living. Now, I write for fun to inspire people to do better. Raise better children. Cook together. Play together. Be open to new opportunities. Strive to be good to the people around them. 


My small-town roots inspired Project Play Books, a collection of stories aimed at teaching children how to play backyard games. I wanted to pass down these great neighborhood games to my children who were spending more time on devices than playing outside. The books include games such as "Kick the Can" and "Ghost in the Graveyard" and are meant to inspire children to play with their friends.


I love to write inspirational novels based on true stories. "Music Has Legs" is a story about a boy born with a cleft palate who lost his legs in a fire at the age of two. He grew up at Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) orphanage and was able to perform his music on stage in Chicago. 


"Do Not Discard" is a story based on the life of Sam, another orphan from El Salvador. He was discovered in the trash dump as a newborn.  Sam grew up in the NPH orphanage and grabbed hold of a chance to get his bachelor's degree in the U.S.

I recently launched my new series of Life Point Books meant to inspire people who are facing one of life's transitions. The first book, "Welcome Home," is the perfect gift for new homeowners. The next book in the series, "Empty Nesting," is personal for me as my children move out and emerge as adults. I look forward to sharing it with you soon. 

There is nothing more inspiring than the friends, family, and relationships we create. I want my stories to inspire you to cherish life and make wonderful stories with those you love. 

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