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Focused on books and stories that inspire people to do good.






The perfect gift. 

"Welcome Home" is a heartwarming housewarming book to help families in their journey from house to home. 

From maintenance tips and simple recipes to uplifting true stories, this book is a beautiful, housewarming gift for family and friends. It's a delightful way to show love and support and welcome someone home. 

"Welcome Home" is the first in the new series Life Point Books aimed at helping families be inspired during life's transitions.  Watch for the launch of the upcoming "Empty Nesting" book. 

Senior Book Club

Calling all book clubs.

Book cover of Do Not Discard is a young boy with his head down on his knees. His knee is scuffed and he is carrying a backpack.

My new book, "Do Not Discard," is the perfect book club read. The inspirational story will have you talking about dreams, happiness, and taking on new challenges no matter what stage of life. 


Simply REGISTER HERE and be entered for a free copy of the book to share with your club. Then read, discuss, and share your thoughts about this inspirational story. 

I am also available for virtual book club discussions. I love to talk with my readers. So add that request to your registration and let's get inspired together.

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